Damontek provides total management of systems and networks to keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimize downtime and maximize productivity. We’ll build the right managed IT service plan to optimize your business:

Your critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions, but maintaining IT systems with an in-house staff is costly and may leave you without expertise in the latest technologies. Our managed IT services address your ongoing managed IT support needs: Hardware & software audits· Performance & Preventive Maintenance Reports · LogMeIn Pro Remote Control · LogMeIn Pro Remote Control (End-Client Access) · NOC Testing · Antivirus Management · Web-based Management Portal · Desktop Performance Monitoring · Administrative Scripting · Policy Management · Client Communicator with Self-Help Center · Webroot Antivirus License · Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Software · US-based, End-Client Help Desk · Windows, Mac & Mobile Support · Administrative Tasks · Virus & Malware Removal · Software Installations

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The Advantages of our Managed IT Services

  • Technology management from a team of proven IT leaders
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Continual monitoring and assessment of your systems
  • One point of contact for support
  • Continual staff training
  • Performance for productivity gains
  • Predictable costs


From hardware and software audits to performance and preventative maintenance reports and everything in between, our help-desk services provide perfect peace-of-mind for our customers. 

We also offer advanced help-desk functions, such as coordination with third-party vendors, coordination with VOIP providers, coordination with Line-of-Business software providers and communication providers.


Server specific monitoring and support is offered at three levels. Level 3 is the highest level of support and is recommended as the servers are the most critical component of the business functions of IT…


With Elite Server Care our talented technical teams are ready to investigate and resolve all server issues, whether they are generated by our RMM alerts or raised by your team via our ticketing system. You benefit from the NOC critical notification and remediation teams, as well as the remote troubleshooting team for your service requests. You can forward any event identities, application messages, windows error messages and other anomalies to us for best-effort troubleshooting and resolution.


With Preferred Server Care, you can completely offload server monitoring and management to our NOC. Alerts generated by our RMM software are sent to our remote remediation team, which connects to troubled servers to apply the appropriate solution.


Essential Care provides back-office monitoring that helps youreduce the time needed to filter alerts and research resolutions. Our RMM software monitors all of your servers, and our NOC will alert you – day or night – when critical issues arise.


Backup and disaster recovery is the IT insurance policy for the key functions of your business. Finding the proper balance of risk versus expense is key in this area. The quote provided is for the service of creating, monitoring, and testing the required backups. Backup solutions require on-site appliances/hardware. If additional hardware is required to support the selected backup strategy, the cost of the hardware is not included in this quote and would require additional investment. We would recommend beginning with the Local option and then considering more sophisticated options over time as business needs.

The name of our company, Damon Technology, comes from the Greek legend of Damon and Pythias. Our organization is founded upon the same principles of friendship and trust.

We know that there are many options when looking for managed IT providers, but we aim to be the type of friend and partner upon which you can absolutely rely.